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Cross-Border communication I Improves Efficiency
Karen Mantay2 min read

Cross-Border Communication I Improves Efficiency



Higher rate of MQL


Lower cost per MQL


Higher form conversion


The Customer
Cross-Border Communications

Cross-Border Communications (CBC) works exclusively with international B2B clients to reach their buyers around the world with marketing and branding activities within four core industries: Maritime, High Tech, Engineering Processing, and Medical Technology.

They specialize in understanding how their clients’ solutions impact key market challenges to deliver the most compelling experience possible to their buyers and customers.


The Challenge
How to improve campaign targeting in a rapidly changing digital landscape?

In the past year, many of CBC’s clients have been forced to adapt to changing market conditions due to the pandemic, especially in regards to in-person meetings and events being cancelled.

“Many of their buying decision-makers have pivoted to digital research methods rather than picking up the phone to talk to a salesperson,” said Garrett Butler, Digital Engagement Manager at CBC.

“Social media has become a big part of how they connect with peers and access content - both for general learning and also company-specific content about potential solutions.”

That has left a lot of companies scrambling to adjust, and often finding themselves out of their comfort zone.

“With this shift in the marketplace, we’ve seen a lot of brands playing catch-up and really having to accelerate their digital efforts quickly,” Butler said. “But that presents a knowledge gap of the digital channel landscape and nuances on how to best utilize each social channel to connect and engage with the right audiences.”

And that’s what brought them to better targeting for more effective outreach.



Garrett Butler

“Our results with have been outstanding. The audience is more relevant, and more engaged.”

Garrett Butler
Digital Engagement Manager
@ Cross-Border Communications


The Solution
Build custom lookalike lists via's AI

CBC ran a test to compare their own hand-picked target list against’s AI-generated target list, to see which produced the most relevant companies.

The two campaigns were otherwise identical: The same spend, ad creatives, and run simultaneously across a six-week period.

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The Result
Leaner, more efficient marketing campaigns

“The results were outstanding,” said Butler. The account list outperformed the hand-picked account list in nearly every way:

23 percent higher rate of Marketing Qualified Leads versus the CBC target list.

The average cost per MQL was 22 percent lower, and we saw a 14 percent increase in conversion rate in the Linkedin forms compared to the CBC accounts.

The ad creatives even performed slightly better than the control, which Butler credits to the targeting.
“The ad creative also saw a slight boost in click-through rate, showing that the audience was more relevant. They were engaged,” Butler said.

“I think that this also provides some insight into what an expanded program will look like, where we go beyond the pilots and double down on what's going to be most efficient moving forward.“


Untitled-1“ reduced our average cost per Marketing Qualified Lead by 23%”

Garrett Butler
Digital Engagement Manager
Cross-Border Communications



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