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Electric House I Improves Marketing with filters
Brandon TillJan 21, 2021 1:20:00 PM1 min read

Electric House I Improves Marketing with filters







The Customer
Electric House

Social Media
Location: United Kingdom

Electric House is a multi-award-winning social media publishing group that organically brings brands into the conversation and generates unrivalled reach in the DIY and home interiors community.


The Challenge
Finding the right customers

Electric House are content experts on Social Media, but they were looking to gain more inbound enquiries from their marketing campaigns.

They work in online communities so their prospects need to have a certain level of social media presence.

Additionally, their ideal customer is in the UK and already has a decent amount of traffic to their site.

They knew their work was good, but they needed a better way to find more customers that (1) have the right amount of traffic to their site, and (2) have an established social media presence, and (3) are in the UK.

The challenge is finding this specific customers for their business.


"No other tool gives us the informationgirl we need on prospective customers’ web traffic and use of social media."

Felicity Neale
Client Partner
Electric House


The Solution
Find prospects with lookalike audiences

Electric House integrated Ocean’s lookalike search into their sales and marketing process.

They start with the domain of a current customer and use Ocean’s lookalike search to find similar companies.

They filter the search results by their most important criteria: web traffic and social media presence - with a focus on Facebook and LinkedIn.

In a few clicks the prospects from Ocean are exported into Electric House’s CRM where they can track the outreach to their new prospect.



The Result
More leads, better quality

Ocean’s lookalike search function has helped Sales and Marketing get better inbound enquiries.

Their leads come with useful contact details, are more targeted to their service, and are of a higher quality than any other tool they’ve used.

Additionally, by integrating Ocean with their CRM, Electric House is able to segment their entire customer base with Ocean segmentation.

That greater understanding of their customers will help their push to more inbound traffic.


"Ocean is a useful tool to helps usgirl find relevant leads for our business and is used regularly by our sales department

Felicity Neale
Client Partner
@ Electric House


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