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Cross-Border communication I Improves Efficiency
Anđelija Drača3 min read

Leadinfo efficiently enters new markets



Demo Booking Rate


Close Rate

1 day

Implementation Time


The Customer

Leadinfo is top-quality lead generation software that enables you to recognise B2B website visitors. The visitors are displayed on a clearly designed dashboard, so you’ll be able to contact your most valuable website visitors immediately. Founded in 2017 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, they’re on a mission to bring you the highest quality lead identification data available in Europe.


The Challenge
How to scale efficiently into new markets?

Leadinfo has been bringing higher quality visitor identification data to Western Europe since 2017, and was looking for a more efficient way to scale that success into new markets.

Already the leader in the Netherlands and Belgium, Leadinfo set their sights on the United Kingdom, DACH region and Scandinavia.

As the Operations Manager in charge of the expansion, Quirijn Kleppe wanted to avoid the trap so many growing companies fall into: the mentality of ‘we can’t afford to be picky when it comes to new sales in these markets, we just have to take what we can get.’

It’s a tempting attitude, especially for a company so focused on providing the maximum value at the lowest possible price point for their customers. While the low prices make it an easy decision for prospective customers, it also leaves Leadinfo’s commercial teams very little room for error when it comes to lead generation.

And that’s what brought them to scaling efficiently in new markets without sacrificing speed.



“Ocean has given us thousands Quirijn_Leadinfo-1of
high quality leads, which filled out
our pipeline with dozens of
opportunities in the first two weeks.”

Quirijn Kleppe
Operations Manager


The Solution
Target extremely specific market segments based on past sales data

Quirijn chose to fuel Leadinfo’s commercial expansion, in part because it fits perfectly with their existing data tools, adding new targeting capabilities on top.

He particularly liked the ease of use. “It was so easy to put our own data into Ocean and find lookalikes, we had the team up and running with it within 5 minutes,” Quirijn said.

Getting the whole team involved enables Leadinfo to add an extremely personal touch even at scale.

“We offer a hyper localized tool, and wanted our sales process to match,” said Quirijn. “With, we can target extremely specific market segments and import account lists directly into Hubspot to start running our playbook.”


The Result
Increase lead quality without sacrificing quantity

Leadinfo's hyper localized approach paid dividends quickly. We’ve doubled our demo booking rate in the first week of using, thanks to the great coverage and accuracy targeting the specific characteristics of companies that really matter.”

Increasing quality didn’t mean sacrificing quantity, either.
“We hit the ground running in our new markets, Quirijn said. “Ocean has given us thousands of high quality leads, which filled out our pipeline with dozens of opportunities in the first two weeks.

The improvements in lead quality can be felt further down the funnel, too.
The leads we’re getting from Ocean are just a better fit than we had before, and the difference is pretty noticeable.” Quirijn said. “So far we’ve seen a 25% increase in close rate between leads and leads, and it’s still early days for us. I expect it to grow as we build out more processes around it.”


“So far we’ve seen a 25% increase in Quirijn_Leadinfo-1
close rate between leads and leads, and it’s still early
days for us.”

Quirijn Kleppe
Operations Manager



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