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Monta Case Study Cover-1
Anđelija Drača2 min read

Monta efficiently enters new French Market with


The Customer

Industry: Electric Vehicle Software Development
Location: Denmark 


Monta is the operating platform powering the EV (Electric - Vehicle) ecosystem serving drivers, companies, cities, and the electricity grid with one integrated software solution. Users can find nearby locations, usage, and insights on a clearly designed dashboard and app. 

Founded in 2020 in Copenhagen, Denmark, they're on a mission to make EV charging simple, accessible, and reliable.

Monta is laying the groundwork for a scalable and sustainable EV infrastructure.


The Challenge
How to create a reliable pipeline for new markets?

Monta has found great success across Europe since its beginnings and was looking for a more efficient way to scale that success into untapped markets. 

As the Growth Marketer aiding the expansion, Julian Berbec wanted to avoid the loss of momentum when a new colleague joins a team that is not ready to support them. 

Already with their sights on the French market, Monta began the process of building a reliable and high-quality pipeline. The challenge? To support the student worker in creating this pipeline before the new country manager joined. 

And that's when they brought in.



"Going from 0 to 1 is a toughJulian
challenge and by
using, we were able to enter the French Market at a speed we were not expecting" 

Julian Berbec
Growth Marketer @ Monta


The Solution
Target extremely specific market segments based on Monta's expansion model 

The team at Monta knew exactly who and where they wanted to target, with the French market being very appealing, but they were looking for a way to access them. Enter

Monta used Ocean’s domain search to find lookalike electric vehicle installers and operators. To refine their list, they added additional filters of company size and location. The team was able to find a list of 86 installers and operators within minutes.

Group 152098

The Result
Deal signed, sealed and delivered. 

By building a targeted account list in Ocean, Monta's hyper-localized approach saw success quickly. "We were able to sign a contract 11 days after the target list was created" said Berbec. 


"With hard work and good targeting, we were
able to close a deal before the country manager joined the team

Julian Berbec
Growth Marketer @ Monta



With 83 individual accounts found to match their ICP (Ideal-Customer-Profile), Monta added 37 to their CRM for their outbound outreach. From here, Monta engaged in 3 active conversations and closed a deal. 

With a bit of luck and good targeting, Monta successfully created pipeline in their new market and was able to close a deal before the Country Manager joined the team. 


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