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LeadBird Case Study Cover-1
Eliza McKendry2 min read

Leadbird improves cold email efficiency with Ocean

The Customer
Industry: B2B Lead Generation
Location: United States

Lead Bird is a B2B Lead Generation Agency that creates hyper-personalized cold emails to help companies scale up. 

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Listen to what Lead Bird's Founder, Nick Abraham, says about his Ocean experience!

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The Challenge
How to create high-quality, reliable lead lists - quickly? 

Being a demand-generation agency, a huge part of LeadBird's service is creating lead lists. 

"Before using Ocean, when we were building lead lists, for our clients or even for ourselves, it was very manual." said Abraham, Founder at LeadBird.  

"Depending on the filters on other data vendors, even using the filters on Linkedln Sales Navigator, it's never accurate" 

LeadBird spent most of their time, gathering leads and cleaning the data to ensure that it fit their ICP. 



“We've been able to book anywhereNick_Circle-1
from 20 - 30 meetings just from us

Nick Abraham 
Founder of LeadBird 


The Solution
Build custom lookalike lists via Ocean's AI

LeadBird ran a test to compare their own multi-sourced lists against Ocean's account lists, to see which produced the most relevant companies. 

The test found that Ocean was able to gather more accurate company data in the niches that LeadBird was exploring. 

Multi-Source Accounts VS Ocean (no background)-1

The Result
Leaner, more efficient marketing campaigns

As a demand generation agency, Leadbird runs campaigns that are entirely performed based; so it is vital they can create super-specific lead lists. 

"Previously, there were always things that never fitted the criteria that we had inputted. And by using, not only are we able to accurately identify the proper account by using their Lookalike function, we're able to save so much time by not having to actually look at the list that they provide and say, 'hey, is this the account that I want to reach out to or not?'" said Abraham. The Ocean data-based account lists have allowed LeadBird to focus on other areas of the business.  

“We've been able to really replace any kind of data strategy within our team because we can just use Ocean and automate the entire process," said Abraham. 

It is not only Leadbird's customers who have found success since the adoption of; but LeadBird itself. " We've been able to book anywhere from 20 to 30 meetings just by using," said Abraham. " Overall, it has been a great experience." 


“I love working with the team. They're super responsive, and always willing to help out. The platform is continuing to
develop and becoming something incredible”

Nick Abraham 
Founder of LeadBird



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