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Aloysius BohFeb 8, 2022 10:00:55 AM2 min read nets million I Capital for US Expansion has netted US$7 million in funding (Series A) to propel our transatlantic voyage to the bountiful waters of the USA.
The investment came mainly from Dutch venture capitalists Peak, whose seed-to-beyond funding style has nurtured various successful European tech start-ups, including: StuDocu which raised US$50 million (Series B) in May 2021, Radionomy which was acquired by Vivendi in 2015, and IENS which was acquired by TripAdvisor in 2014 — with many more ambitious companies on the horizon.

“In a time-poor and increasingly crowded world, hyper-personalised marketing and messaging is the key to better business.’s platform enables just that.”

Johan van Mil, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Peak

“Peak has more than a decade of experience in scaling marketplace, platform, and SaaS companies. Investing in a start-up with the calibre and ambition of was a no-brainer. In a time-poor and increasingly crowded world, hyper-personalised marketing and messaging is the key to better business.’s platform enables just that," said Johan van Mil, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Peak.

With the new investment, plans to make a big splash in North America by shipping our brand of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) across the Atlantic.

ABM is a B2B strategy that requires companies to know the exact type of customers to sell to — and smart data from turns this strategy into reality. Powered by artificial intelligence, our B2B data platform can unlock data insights from a company's CRM to find the ideal target audience for midsize or large enterprises.

To date, we have already helped hundreds of clients such as Sony, UserTesting, Brandwatch, and JLG to grow their businesses. Josh Pudnos, Director of Commercial Operations at Brandwatch, said: “ has taken a unique and clever approach to providing only the highest quality prospecting business data so that we’re focusing our time on those most likely to benefit from our products.”

A key distinction of lies in our granular data analysis. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI create human-like comprehension of a website's context, and reinvent industry classification to pinpoint lookalike companies. Together with the mechanical efficiency of robotic data-processing, we provide an ever-growing database of companies from around the world.

Businesses can navigate the ocean of B2B data smoothly with us, and have a whale of a time catching fresh customers, curing stale data, and putting inefficient sales processes out to sea.

Set Sail with! easily integrates with LinkedIn, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive. By analyzing your CRM data, we help you discover your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), export target accounts and contacts, and get your marketing and sales teams on the same page. Want to know more? Wave to us here:

In addition, we seek more Oceanauts! Love what we are building, and cannot wait to make a big splash with us in the ocean of business intelligence? Throw us a line:

Dive into today to harness the prowess of ABM for your B2B targeting.


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