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Product Update - Janaury 2023
Eliza McKendryJan 10, 2023 10:30:00 AM1 min read

Product Update: New Features to help discover YOUR unique niches

Welcome to 2023!

Many use the New Year as a time for a re-start, but we wanted to shine some light on some cool filters that you might have missed. Start the new year with a product update: find dream prospects better via autocomplete, web technologies, e-commerce and app store fitlers. 

In short, finding your prospects might be easier than you think. 

#1: Autocomplete Lookalike Search Filter 
Struggling to find the right domain? now has a new autocomplete function on our lookalike filter. Autocomplete will guide you in the right direction; plus you can now search by company name! Game changer? 
This feature is available on all plans!
#2: E-Commerce Filter
This new filter helps you zero your search in on eCommerce companies. Our AI takes the heavy lifting to identify the companies in your ideal market with e-commerce websites.


By default, this feature is enabled for all current users but is an additional add on when you join. 

#3: Mobile App  Filters

Target your outreach to the companies behind apps in the Android and iOS app stores. Find companies of a certain maturity or how many mobile applications they have developed.

 Mobile Apps-1
By default, this feature is enabled for all current users but is an additional add on when you join.
#4: Web Technologies Filter 

 We track over three thousand different web technologies across tens of millions of websites, so you can find companies using certain technologies on their websites that you compete with or integrate with. The secret sauce.

This feature is available to everyone!  

Web Tech


Start the new year off with a full pipeline! 

These awesome features are already live, so log in to your account to try them now! If these features aren’t part of your current plan, but your curiosity has been piqued, please do contact us here for more details.


Eliza McKendry

Product Marketing Manager @