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Brandon Till Mar 31, 2021 5:52:00 PM 1 min read

Q1 2021 I Product Update

This year feels like a tidal wave at We’ve welcomed a record number of new customers, taken a new round of investment, and launched a number of product upgrades. Highlights include:

   Multi-domain search feature

   Public API upgrade
   Improved location data for companies
  Millions of new contact details


Product Spotlight: Multi-domain Search has always helped companies find lookalikes of their best customers, but our new multi-domain search takes things a step further.  

With multi-domain search, you can enter any number of domains into, and our AI will generate a list based on the commonalities between them.  Meaning you can get even better results with fewer filters.

Use case #1: Get More Relevant Results

Ocean finds lookalikes based on an analysis of the text on a companies website, so by adding more sites gives AI more data to give you better results. After an initial search for a lookalike company, you can select a few other results that are what you’re looking for.

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Use case #2: Find Niche Verticals

Your CRM is the foundation and we’ve been working to make our CRM integration better and better.

Now, if a search result exists in your CRM, we show if the latest deal attached it is assigned, lost or won, or if there's no deal attached to it.

We also have a column showing the last activity date. You can also now export more data to your CRM than before from Ocean too.

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Use case #3: Build Competitor Lists

Don’t waste your ad budget on competitors. Enter a few of your known competitors into and we can find a full list of the competition. Use this list to exclude these domains in your digital advertising so you don’t accidentally spend your budget showing ads to the competition.  

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Brandon Till

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