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Brandon Till Oct 16, 2020 10:15:00 AM 1 min read

Q3 2020 I Product update

As always, we've been hard at work to give our users the best possible experience. Our latest updates allow you to save even more time and resources, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Although we're a fully international company these days, Ocean was founded in Denmark and we still have that Danish appreciation for design: everything we do has to function as well as possible, and it helps to look good. These latest updates improve both form and function for an exceptional user experience.

   Searchable industry tags
   Customizable view
   Complete redesign of search

Searchable industry tags

Our industry tags bring a new level of detail in classifying and finding companies and now you can use them to start and hone your search.

The drop down options are grouped according to broader classifications to allow you to keep things simple.

Try for yourself here.

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Customizable view

Every business is different and colleagues might have different preferences, which is why we’ve introduced more customizable view options.

You can now edit columns in the search table, select more data inputs from Ocean, and exclude options for bookmarking companies so you can ignore companies you’ve already exported or dismissed.

See how else you can customize your Ocean set-up here.05 (7)

Complete redesign of search

You can now use the new, unified search function, meaning you get domain, industry tags, and tech stack results all in one go. The results can then be refined with a new set of filters and an “any of” filter option, optimizing your search results.

Even better, you can now see the CRM deal status on any company result.

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And there’s more

If you’ve been using the platform recently, you may have noticed we have also introduced:

  • Faster, more stable segmentation functionality, delivering better search results.
  • Export logs so you can confirm what was successfully exported and what failed.
  • Re-crawl functionality on error pages, allowing you to re-crawl a page when the first try was not successful (or the language is not yet supported).
  • Two APIs that can be accessed by users upon request, to help you as you expand.


Keep your eyes peeled!

There are more user-requested updates arriving in the Ocean tool soon.


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