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Julian Berbec Dec 17, 2020 2:09:00 PM 2 min read

Prospecting Made Easy: Supercharge Data with Rows and

With so many B2B data providers around, each with their pros and cons, it's sometimes best to combine different tools to get the best data for your sales team. We're introducing the Rows & spreadsheet for easy access to prospecting data.

In the world of B2B data for sales there are lots of data providers. While seemingly similar at first glance, not one of them is the same. As an example, two data providers help their customers find the right companies to target. One of the providers is identifying high potential companies based on general industry codes used in directories, while the other data provider has analyzed every single company to understand and recommend companies in much more detail. Other differences might be in where their data coverage is best, how strictly they interpret GDPR, or whether they predominantly focus on either companies or contacts.

Two heads are better than one - something that often is true in sales data and lead generation too. You might really need contact details for your sales team’s outbound efforts. Jumping on contact details right away will not be the smartest move if you don’t know what companies to go after.

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We teamed up with, the innovative spreadsheet tool that gives you access to business data and API’s, to create a connected spreadsheet and end-to-end workflow for prospecting. Combining the two data providers with each their unique strengths into a single spreadsheet that helps sales teams to hit the ground running.

Find ideal target companies with ...

At, we understand the B2B business landscape on a whole new level. We have crawled millions of websites and our AI has turned that information into comprehensive company profiles. Through a CRM analysis or with simple searches we identify the companies with highest potential for a business. B2B sales will get a lot more efficient once you know what companies are a real good fit, and what companies you can basically ignore.

... and use Rows to find the right stakeholders.

Creating a list of promising companies for your business is a great starting point, but now you need to get through to the right decision makers. This gap in data can be filled with the combination with Rows.

With Rows, you can interact with a variety of data sources directly from a spreadsheet cell. Insert your list of ideal companies from in a new spreadsheet. Rows can find the right LinkedIn profiles at those companies and enrich them with Rows’ email guesser. We recommend to validate the email addresses with ZeroBounce, before sending the contacts to your CRM.

You now have a list of high potential companies and the right stakeholders for your outreach. Sales people spend considerable time on prospecting and finding stakeholders. The data in this prospecting workflow is very useful but also accessible for your team. 

Get in touch for and Rows access.

We recently did a webinar with Rows where we talk more about this. Re-watch it below:



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