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The State of CRM Data

We analyzed hundreds of CRM systems with our AI to find and fix data problems causing inaccurate market analysis.  Companies know their data is in bad shape, but how bad? We created a benchmark report to show the true state of B2B CRM data.

How trusted is your CRM data?

Every CRM suffers from some amount of bad data. Years of careless data entry from sales and past enrichment projects can turn what should be a company’s “single source of truth” into a combination of trustworthy data and false, invalid, outdated, duplicate, or incomplete data.

At Ocean.io we were working on a CRM analysis o create a detailed market analysis and find a company’s best market segments based on their CRM data, but we ran into a problem. 

We could not create a trustworthy analysis from untrusted CRM data.


We needed to understand what accounts were relevant to a business while bypassing poor-quality CRM data. Our engineers invented a new way to map a company's CRM records against Ocean’s B2B database. This data matching allows us to synchronize broken CRM data with quality Ocean.io data for an analysis we can use.

Along the way, we discovered some interesting truths about CRM systems. The true state of CRM data:
• How much data do companies keep on their customers?
• How much expired or false data pollutes the average CRM?

• How many qualified accounts get lost in the CRM?

• How many duplicate companies exist on average?

• And more . . . 

We assembled our findings into an 18-page report:

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