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Zen Media I Higher Quality Inbound Leads
Thijs van DonselaarJul 7, 2021 2:46:33 PM2 min read

Zen Media I Higher Quality Inbound Leads




Better qualified
inbound leads


High potential accounts discovered in


More focused audience for LinkedIn Advertising

The Customer
Zen Media, DK

Zen Media is a Danish B2B Lead Generation Agency. Their core offering is ‘the Lead Motor’; a service that ensures their customers a continuous inflow of qualified leads. Through a combination of lead generation, nurturing and marketing automation, they are able to generate warm leads for their customers - ready for their sales teams.

The Challenge
Increase the quality of inbound leads

When Zen Media generates leads for their partners, their goal is to pass through highly qualified leads only.

The team at Zen Media are masters at building lead scoring models. Each lead is scored based on a number of criteria to determine potential ROI and overall quality.
However, the result of such rigorous qualification process is that a large number of inbound leads end up being disqualified. Marketing budget is used on leads that turn out to be disqualified.
Zen Media teamed up with to see if they could improve their targeting and spend their budget generating more high quality leads.

“With we can focusimage 4 (1) our
ad spend on the right companies.”

Martin Nørgaard Klausen
Zen Media



The Solution
Highly targeted LinkedIn audiences on specific qualification criteria

Zen Media aims to generate leads from SaaS IT providers, IT solutions, consulting firms and marketing agencies.

Typically, they would use broad industry categories in LinkedIn to target these industries. But to improve lead quality, ZenMedia tested a more targeted LinkedIn audience built with

Zen Media built different audiences based on lookalikes of their best customers in their target industries using The first results were still quite broad, so they added additional filters on size, industry and web traffic in to narrow down their exact ICP.

These audiences were uploaded to LinkedIn and added to their lead generation campaigns.

Group 152084

The Result
More qualified inbound leads - ready for sales

By targeting audiences built with, Zen Media’s campaigns started generating leads of higher quality.

Incoming leads were scored on a scale of 1-5, where Zen Media’s regular campaigns with LinkedIn industry targeting generated leads that scored 2.8 on average. Leads generated with targeting brought in leads that scored above 3.5 - an increase of 25% in lead quality.

What’s next? Zen Media improved their general campaigns without making any campaign edits. Now they plan to further improve lead gen through an end-to-end targeted approach. Speaking more specifically to the different targeted industries could increase performance further.


“LinkedIn has great targeting options,image 4 (1)
but the broad industries do include
companies we would disqualify.”

Martin Nørgaard Klausen
Zen Media



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