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Brandon Till Jul 28, 2021 9:36:02 AM 1 min read

Q2 2021 I Product update

We've been busy at and are excited to share some of the updates to our product from Q2.

Improved Usability

#1: List System 2.0

We rebooted our list system to make more user friendly than ever. Now you can add the same company to multiple lists, filter lists, create private lists, and delete any lists you no longer need.

#2: Save Default Search Settings

Many people are running similar filters for every search on Now you can save a default filter option, so if you’re typically looking for mid-sized companies in the UK with more than 3,000 site visits/month you can save it as your default for every search.


#3: New Company Sidebar Design

Our data got a makeover.  The new sidebar is sleek so it’s easy to find the info you’re looking for, plus you can see your CRM status and access lists directly from the sidebar.


Data Upgrades 

#4: HQ Locations

Find all the locations for a business and identify what address is their HQ in

HQ Locations
#5: LinkedIn Data Updates

We’ve finished syncing all people data according to their LinkedIn profile in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and the UK. As you build lists in, you can add specific personas to target.



Team Management

#6: New Settings Page

Track your team’s use of on the platform and see your history and use of download credits in realtime.

#7: Improved User Management Options

Enable admins, add and disable new users, reset passwords, and stay on top of your team in




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