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Aloysius Boh Jan 3, 2022 9:00:00 AM 2 min read 2021 I The year in review I

It was another choppy year for everyone, with most countries weathering wave after wave of Covid-19 infections. At, we had ridden out the rough waters like a leatherback turtle swimming into a storm — and when the sediment settled, our web app naturally yielded better looks and features.

Highlights include:
  • UX Redesign
  • Multi-Domain Search
  • People Search
  • New CRM Infrastructure
  • New List System
  • “Select All” Functionality

blog_year in review 2021_UX redesign_vertical menu bar

Better Looks 👀

We improved the UX design by making the user interface easier on the eyes and hands. Colors are softer, buttons are slightly larger (and thus, easier to click on), table headers are easier to resize, and most of all — the menu bar has shifted to the far left. It is not a revolutionary change, but the new vertical menu bar will feel just right for you: easier navigation and extra information (via the expanding menu) at your fingertips!

Better Features 🔍

Generally, we greatly improved the searching aspect of the web app. You can now conduct a Multi-Domain Search or a People Search, and also access saved searches immediately. When you load the search page, your saved searches will load as well. This instant visibility enables you to quickly load your desired filters for better control over the visual presentation of your lists. Filtering by ownership, for example, will let you see the account owner and an exact number of items in that particular list (drilled down from one of your saved searches) without having to navigate away to another page. Under this "Applied Filters" design, you get an intuitive overview of all applied filters: clicking on an applied filter will expand a section, revealing all options that you can then choose to remove individually or in bulk. Time is money!

blog_year in review 2021_improved search easy overview_applied-filters design


Additionally, our web app has gained a new CRM infrastructure, a new list system (for list-sharing and collaboration), and a “Select All” functionality. 

In short, the new helps Marketing and Sales work together smoother to create highly targeted lists and streamline their outreach!

From to You

Last year, we were proud of our expansion into the DACH region, and our economic progress with the German-speaking tech community. In 2022, we will set sail across the Atlantic Ocean to deliver Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to North America's shores. With our ABM platform, US-based companies can look forward to diving into an ocean of accurate B2B data that will allow more comprehensive discovery of relevant decision-makers (i.e. accounts), and more strategic crafting of high-conversion communications.


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